"Standard Tuned Slide Guitar Playing Made Simple..."

No need to retune, re-string and re-setup your guitar with this straightforward approach to slide guitar technique and "4 Note Solo" style playing.

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If you’ve ever loved the sound of Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, bluesguitarSonny Landreth, or Warren Haynes, you’ve probably noticed how they use slide guitar for some fantastic guitar sounds.

I always thought playing slide was some mystical thing. I had heard about open tunings and DADGAD and all these crazy things you had to do to your guitar to use a slide with it.

Turns out, most of that simply isn’t true. As I got better as a guitarist, I realized that most of those licks work just fine in standard tuning, and with a little practice I can play slide just fine on my regular old strat with my trusty 10 gauge strings.


In Introduction To Slide Guitar, we’ll cover all the things you need to know to start playing slide guitar solos with what you already have…

  • How to hold a slide.
  • What types of slides are available, and what types work best.
  • What finger to put the slide on.
  • How to dampen right the right and left hand… both in front of an behind the slide.
  • How to get notes to ring clearly when you use the slide.
  • How to play single string pentatonic scales with the slide
  • How to use a slide with “4 Note Solo” style playing.

As it turns out, the slide really lends itself to the Blues Blocks that I use in my 4 Note Solo style of playing. So we’ll cover the main Blues Block and I’ll show you how to move it around as well.

And to finish it off, I’ll run through a complete 24 bar solo with a slide and provide you with all of the TAB to it, plus the backing track and an mp3 of it to play along with in your favorite audio program.

The course comes on a DVD with some additional printed materials that contains all of the TAB for all of the examples. It can be on its way to you within a day and you can be rockin’ it by next weekend.

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Everything is available and ready for you for less than a round of brew at your local “establishment.”

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Here Are Some Examples Of What You’ll Receive…

First, let’s look at some the “secret ingredient” behind damping strings when you use a slide…

And here’s an excerpt from the solo you’ll learn…

Video quality of the final product is actually much better than these previews. These have been heavily compressed to work better over the internet.

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